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AG IDEA SP Z O O is a professional services company providing services and solutions in strategy, consulting, marketing, technology enabling select clients to thrive in the digital era.

About us

AG IDEA SP Z O O is a digital consultancy and helps businesses leverage data in growing their brands. We provide strategic consultancy, digital marketing and analytics services to brands across the globe. 

Being independent allows us to be flexible with our clients. The industry moves quickly and we can change tact and adapt just as quickly.

We make sure we build you the correct team, formed around your business. This team will be selected as the right team to drive success for YOUR business.

We never build our teams around certain departments, we make them client centric. This way your challenge and goal are always the focus.

We invest in our own solutions development team which enables us to expand our capabilities beyond those offered by the market-leading tech to provide deeper, proprietary insights for more targeted decision-making.

Focus on results

The work we do will not matter if it isn't generating results that meet your company's long-term goals, which is why we love to focus on results above all else.

Prioritize quick wins

When it comes to getting your marketing dollar's worth, so to speak, it is often a good idea to seek out quick wins. Your marketing program can almost always receive a few tweaks that could deliver a positive impact in a relatively short time.

Track the right KPIs

If you're not tracking the KPIs relevant to your goals and the success of your organization, you're far less likely to reach them. We have a list of about 70 KPIs we leverage to understand what you should and should not be tracking based on your goals.

Focus on mobile

Given the current ecosystem, your ideal customers are likely consuming content from their mobile devices more and more each day. Reaching an audience on handheld devices should be an essential element of your marketing strategy. To act as if mobile marketing is just an extension of your desktop content would be a terrible mistake.

Our Services

Digital Analytics

- Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
- Attribution and Media Mix Optimization
- Data Reporting and Visualization
- Actionable Analytics

Strategic Consulting

- Brand Digital Positioning Assessment
- Measurement Strategy
- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Personnel Training.


- Marketing Campaigns
- Podcasts
- Social Media
- Photography and Video
- Email Marketing 

Our Process

Whether you're a large enterprise, a startup, or an individual, we're here to help you succeed.


Strategy Development

Thanks to our positions as the top digital marketing company, we have all the necessary resources to ensure that your online marketing efforts are spot on. Right from understanding your specific business model to its strength and weakness, to crafting strategies to help your brand stand out, we help you with all.


High-Quality Traffic

Understanding the requirements and designing digital marketing strategy accordingly is just the starting. What will help you to get the most of your ROI is the traffic that your website attracts. Our team of digital marketing consultants will help you drive more traffic to the website, through different channels. We take every possible effort to do so and make the visitors your potential customer


Customer Retention

Retention of customers is at the heart of our digital marketing solutions in maintaining and building communication with your existing customer base. We make use of special designed continual engagement tactics, as well as conversion rate optimization services to ensure that visitors do exactly what you want them to.


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Working with us is about you! We create custom digital solutions designed for any challenge, and we’d love to help you get found online.


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